Weekly Subscription News: TV Chat, Transformations and Twitter

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Weekly Subscription News: TV Chat

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This weeks subscription headlines offer everything from password management and TV chat devices to relaunch postponements and consolidation: Disney wants to bring ESPN+ streaming service to cable TV, Facebook wants to work with Netflix and Disney on TV chat devices, and Cengage adds free password management as a benefit to its subscription service. Also this week, Gawker postpones its relaunch and lays off its entire staff, Twitter users can now send and receive tips, and a new warning has been issued over Google Chromes ad-blocking plans.

Report: Disney Wants to Bring ESPN+ Streaming Service to Cable Companies
The Streamable

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Cengage Adds Free Password Management to Subscription Service
Campus Technology

Facebook Approached Netflix, Disney to Support TV Chat Device
The Information

Is Consolidation the Key to a Digital Journalism Transformation for Gannett and GateHouse?
USA Today

New Warning Issued Over Google’s Chrome Ad-Blocking Plans

Twitter Users Now Can Send and Receive Tips with the Brave Browser

Apples Q3 2019 results: Evolving from the iPhone to Wearables and Services

Gawker Postpones Relaunch, Lays Off Entire Staff
New York Post