Weekly Subscription News: Quibi, Cuts and Coronavirus

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As the nation’s coronavirus lockdown continues, media outlets are suffering, including the San Francisco Examiner and San Francisco Weekly who are cutting pay and hours by 20% for all employees, and Bustle Digital Group who is laying off 24 staff and shuttering The Outline. In related news, to help publishers, Google is relaxing its broad ban on ads mentioning the coronavirus. Also this week, HBO offers 500 hours of free premium content, Quibi launches “on the go” streaming, and Shopify stock drops when company pulls back its 2020 guidance in the wake of COVID-19.

Google Relaxes Its Broad Ban on Ads That Mention Coronavirus

‘Variety’ Creates Digital Subscription But No Paywall
Publishers Daily

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Quibi Launching Hollywood ‘On the Go’ Streaming Amid Lockdown

Apple Music Subscriber Base Grew 36% in 2019, Second Only to Spotify
Apple Insider

HBO Gives America 500 Hours of Premium Content Absolutely Free
The Motley Fool

San Francisco Examiner and SF Weekly Cut Pay and Hours for All Staff by 20%

Shopify Stock Falls as 2020 Guidance Pulled on Coronavirus Shutdown
Investor’s Business Daily

‘Bustle’ Digital Group Lays Off 24, Shutters ‘The Outline’
Publishers Daily