Weekly Subscription News: PC Gaming, Subscription Pricing and Layoffs

Featuring Google, Xbox, Netflix, Hertz and Vice Media

Weekly Subscription News: PC Gaming

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In this weeks subscription news, Xbox Game Pass is coming to PCs with 100+ titles, Netflix increases prices by up to 20% in the U.K., and Tribune Publishing will pay $56 million in a special cash dividend to shareholders. Also this week, Google ends ad blocking in Chrome, Okta stock is on fire after its latest financial report, and Hertz launches a $1,000-a-month car subscription. No, thats not a typo – $1,000 a month.

Google Is Putting an End to Ad Blocking in Chrome

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Xbox Game Pass Subscription Headed to PC with Over 100 Titles
Gadgets 360

Netflix Increases UK Subscription Prices by up to 20%

Fortune to Add Paywall in Bid to Diversify Revenu
The Wall Street Journal

Tribune Publishing to Pay $56M Special Cash Dividend to Shareholder
Chicago Tribune

Okta Stock Is on Fire as Revenue Beats Analyst Estimate

Hertz Launches $1,000-a-Month Car Subscription Service
The Verge

Vice Media Parts with 2 Top Editors After Layoffs and Before Expansion
The New York Times