This Week’s Subscription News: Analytics, Autoplay Ads and Ad-Free Apps

Featuring Amazon, Costco, Spotify, USA Today and YouTube

This Week’s Subscription News: Analytics

Source: Subscription Insider and Bigstock

Escape the latest political news with these subscription news stories. This week, USA Today launches an ad-free, in-app offering for $2.99 a month, LinkedIn tests autoplay video ads, and Spotify offers artists a sophisticated analytics dashboard to help them learn more about their fans. Also this week, Costco may have a membership retention problem, advertisers show interest in Amazon’s NFL experiment, and Time Inc. cuts costs by cutting circulation and frequency.

For Advertisers, Amazon’s NFL Telecasts Are a Promising Experiment
Wall Street Journal

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Does Costco Have a Membership Renewal Problem?

LinkedIn is Testing Autoplaying Video Ads
Beta News

USA Today Launches Ad-Free In-App Offering
USA Today

As Facebook Live Video Dreams Fade, Publishers Look Again to Twitter

Spotify’s New App Aims to Hook Artists on the Power of Their Own Data
Fast Company

Time Inc. Cuts Circulation, Frequency of Magazines

AT&T Researchers Share Map Depicting Top YouTube Channels in Each State