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Vindicia, an Amdocs company, offers comprehensive subscription management solutions that help businesses acquire and retain more customers. Providing much more than just a billing and payments system, the company’s SaaS-based subscription management platform combines big data analysis, strategic consulting and proprietary retention technology. Vindicia provides its clients with more recurring revenue, more customer data, better insights, and greater value throughout the entire subscriber lifecycle. That’s why they call us The Subscription People. To learn more visit www.vindicia.com.



I-Production provides digital solutions for publishers, agencies, and companies to manage high demand websites and content marketing programs that are intuitive to operate. What sets Production apart is our integrations, including CMS integration across ecommerce, email delivery, and reporting that eliminates the overhead of duplicating templates and data across multiple platforms. This results in less work, more reliable operations, and more sales.

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Strategic Partners

InfoCommerce Group

InfoCommerce Group

InfoCommerce Group and Subscription Insider work together to provide insight and training in the area of Data Publishing.

InfoCommerce Group (ICG), founded in 2000, is a boutique consultancy serving the global business information industry, with a particular expertise in the area of commercial data products. We're proud of the breadth and depth of our experience in the world of business information, as reflected in the varied nature of our engagements and our diverse base of clients. Most of our engagements, however, fall into the categories of corporate and product strategy, new product development, assessment of existing products to help accelerate growth or stem declines, and acquisition due diligence.

Since its inception, ICG has been the thought leader in exploring, charting, analyzing – indeed, defining – the most important issues reshaping the business information industry. The reason ICG is recognized as the leading expert organization in business information publishing: our nuanced understanding of the industry's dynamics coupled with unique access to the people who drive it. In addition to our long-standing experience and commitment to the industry, our reputation is also based on our publications, our Models of Excellence program, conferences and the tactical expertise that results from our deep strategic partnership with Subscription Insider. We draw on all of this to connect our clients to new and important players and identify industry-changing trends.

In turn, our clients provide a reality-based source of intelligence about what is and isn't working in the marketplace. This makes ICG a clearinghouse for industry information, and we draw on this privileged base of insight in all of our consulting assignments.

Paul Larsen Consulting (PLC)

Paul Larsen Consulting (PLC)

Paul Larsen and his entire team at PLC are partners with Subscription Insider in the area of payment processing. The PLC team works with Subsription Insider to bring monthly subscription benchmarks, insight and training focused on payment processing.

PLC's mission is to impeccably serve all of our card not present merchant customers by significantly improving their bottom line. We do this by both reducing costs and increasing customer retention through employing the industry's best practices to facilitate better customer experience for our clients and our clients' customers.

Our services are as dynamic as our customers, and we treat each client uniquely. Whether you need quick, “emergency” care or steady optimization, or both, we can create a custom CNP solution using industry best-in-class techniques. What to expect when you become a client: Typically we begin our client engagements with proprietary, in-depth survey and audit of existing practices to determine the full scope of your problem areas. Once this is complete, we can evaluate areas of deficiencies and competencies upon which to build a plan for moving forward. Our core services include: Survey and Audit, Process Optimization, Best Practices Application, Decline Prevention and Recovery, Chargeback Prevention and Resolution, Processor Selection and Contract Negotiations

Some relationships are short-term and project oriented – many of which turn into longer engagements – and others may carry on indefinitely as PLC adds value incrementally.


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